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No matter the borrowing requirements, CCG expertly services the full spectrum of funding options across the following broad categories:
Full Doc: for borrowers who can demonstrate serviceability, requiring a minimum of 2 years financial statements and tax returns. The borrower must also have a clear credit history.
Lite Doc: for borrowers who fall just outside the Full Doc criteria, but who can clearly demonstrate serviceability via information such as rental income, BAS statements, interim financials and projections – e.g. a lease doc product where the lease services the facility on a stand-alone basis.
Low Doc: where the borrower cannot demonstrate serviceability but has an accountant’s letter confirming they can service the debt and the borrower will self-certify their income.
No Doc / Asset Lend / Private lender: for borrowers who cannot provide any income verification or obtain an accountant’s letter to confirm that they can service the debt. In this situation, the facility is effectively an asset lend.
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Flexible Conditions

We understand that clients’ circumstances and requirements vary, so offer a range of services that address any situation. Whether a client has full financials, no financials, is a non-resident, has current defaults, mortgage arrears, discharged bankrupt, etc., CCG has direct access to products that can assist.

Fast Approval

We understand that our clients need answers fast. No matter what the circumstances, chances are that if a property finance deal can be done we can assist.
If a property finance deal can be done, then CCG can assist.

Our products range from straightforward investment loans to more complex highly-leveraged property loans including:
Development Finance: for Developers.
Commercial Loans: for all commercial, industrial and retail real estate.
SMSF Finance Solutions: for Self Managed Super Fund borrowers for commercial, industrial, residential, rural and retail assets.
Specialised Facilities: for specialised assets such as hotels, motels, caravan parks, service stations, aged care and child care facilities.
Residential home loans: for residential properties.
Rural Loans for rural acreage, hobby farms and income producing working farms.
Short Term Loans / Bridging Facilities for borrowers where speed to settle is essential.
Mezzanine Debt / 2nd Mortgages secured by a second ranking mortgage.
Credit Enhancement strategies: implementation of risk mitigants to significantly improve our clients borrowing potential including the ability to borrow higher LVR.
Land Bank Facilities – for land acquisition and to fund approval costs. We can also assist in areas where there is a valuation uplift, due to factors such as rezoning and approvals being issued, with the LVR based on the higher value amount.
Construction – Progressive drawdown facilities.
Take-out Facilities – allow for the repayment of the existing construction facility using the residual stock as security to release equity, or to allow the property developer time for an extended selling period.
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