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Navigate the complex world of commercial finance and development finance with an experienced team behind you.
Backed by its network of investors and funders, Creative Capital are able to consider almost any financing request or capital requirement. We pride ourselves on our networks and our ability to find truly unique funding solutions that our competitors simply would not have on hand.

Short term loans

Our range of Bridging loans, caveat loans, first mortgages and second mortgages are the perfect fit for you.

Our private capital sources can lend you up to 80% LVR on an as is valuation, not a forced sale valuation. Short terms loans, have the ability to be settled in as little as 2 days, at your convenience.
Caveat loan
Bridging loan
First mortgage
Second mortgage
Rates from 1% per month
LVR up to 80%
mortgage lending

Development Finance

Property development finance experts
Innovative, industry-leading construction finance solutions for property developers
Creative Capital Group (CCG) has extensive experience in structuring development finance facilities across Australia, whether residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail, tourism or land subdivisions.

CCG can help to fund all stages of the construction cycle, from financing the initial purchase of the land and covering approval costs, all the way through to construction drawdowns.

Our construction finance facilities can be structured in many ways, with a range of variations that can be tailored to a project’s specific needs.
Commercial development
However, typical property development loan structures fall into the following general categories:
Full Doc Development Finance Facilities – are typically sourced via banks and other major financial institutions, e.g. super funds, usually requiring pre-sales (or pre-leases) as well as current up-to-date financials. They offer the cheapest form of construction finance currently available in terms of interest rates.
Stretched Senior Construction Finance – are facilities that go to a higher LVR than typical lenders on a senior debt basis without using a mezzanine facility. Currently, our senior stretched construction finance can extend to 75% of GRV and 90% of TDC.
Low Doc, No Pre-Sale Development Finance Facilities – are usually sourced through our private investor/lenders, with the main advantage being they generally do not require pre-sales or financials. They are typically far more flexible in their lending criteria.
The construction phase of development is one where reliable funding is imperative. With a constantly evolving landscape of lenders and niches, the need for sound advice and experienced funders on your side has never been more important.
Up to 90% TDC
Rates from %
Loan sizes to $300M

Land Bank

A typical land bank borrower will be holding land waiting for development approvals or joint venture party negotiations. With the full value of the property yet to be realised, clients need reliable funding from the right capital partners.
LVR up to 70%
Short term options
Quick settlement
Rates from 6%
Existing valuations may be used
Available land
Saved money

Private equity / JV

Often when a project has already used its accessible senior debt and mezzanine funding, money may still be required. This does not need to be the end of your project. Equity and or joint venture parties may be the answer you’re looking for. Timing is often critical. CCG have an experienced team with a network of trusted equity partners ready to move quickly on new projects.
Fair equity partners
Trusted advice
Competitive terms
Quick due diligence

Mezzanine funding

Getting the right capital mix in your project can be the difference between a good return and a great return. Mezzanine funding is often a necessary component for a borrower but it does not have to ‘break the bank’. Our mezzanine investors are ready to look at any deal up to 90% LVR.
Flexible payout options
Rates from 1.5% p/m’
Fast turnaround
Reliable funding
Building finance
houseing finance

Property Finance

Leading Property Finance Solutions. Unrivalled expertise. Greater choice. Superior results.

With LVR’s up to 85% and with competitive interest rates, CCG has the solution to cover any and all lending requirements.

Want to know more? Simply contact us to talk with one of our specialist team.

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