About us

Our mission is to fill the void in the capital & debt markets

CCG was established in 2018 to fill a void in the capital & debt markets after its partners identified a significant gap in the market having been frustrated on many occasions seeing great deals struggle to get funded or not proceed due to lack of appropriate capital.
Whilst initially focused on commercial loans and property development finance, finding solutions to the “unfundable” deal is our speciality and has seen us facilitate all manner of capital solutions across the business & investment landscape.
We understand that there are many circumstances in the life of a business where the urgent need for finance can occur or an opportunity too good to miss presents itself.

We are here to work with you and appreciate that it may require looking ‘outside the square’.

Whatever the challenge - let us find the solution
managing the capital market

Why Choose Creative Capital Group?

Flexible Conditions

We understand that clients’ circumstances and requirements vary, so offer a range of services that address any situation. Whether a client has full financials, no financials, is a non-resident, has current defaults, mortgage arrears, discharged bankrupt, etc., CCG has direct access to products that can assist.
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Fast Approval

We understand that our clients need answers fast. No matter what the circumstances, chances are that if a property finance deal can be done we can assist.

If a property finance deal can be done, then CCG can assist.
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